Free Webinar – Friday, May 6th

Sponsorships 101

Grow your revenue with brand partners.

Learn how to monetize your website, podcast, newsletter, or videos with brand sponsorships (even if your audience is small). 

🗓 Friday, May 7 at 10am PDT

You'll learn how to...

  • Find the right brand partners
  • Build and price sponsorship packages
  • Create winning proposals
  • Manage fulfillment
  • Maintain long-term relationships

Attendees will receive the free workbook "Grow Your Biz as an Online Creator"

This webinar is for you if you're ready to take the first steps to monetizing your content creator business with brand sponsorships. The framework covered applies to all creators – bloggers, podcasters, newsletter authors, video creators, and online publishers.

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About the Presenter

Jessica Baldwin spent ten years growing a hyper-local blog and newsletter, monetized entirely through sponsorships. Founded by Jessica in 2009, Billings365 developed a loyal following on the website, newsletter, and social media channels while reaching six figures in revenue. Jessica recently had a successful exit from the business with a sale to one of her long-time sponsorship partners.

Jessica is a Co-Founder at Cardsetter, where she seeks to sponsor other creators' works to get the Cardsetter brand in front of qualified audiences. 

In this webinar, she'll not only share the strategies that she used to acquire sponsors for Billings365, but she'll share insight from the sponsor's perspective. Learn how brand partners evaluate a sponsor package's value.