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Easy to use. Custom design and setup included.

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“Cardsetter gives us the freedom to do more with our content. We can implement our ideas and monetize our website without relying on a developer.” Jenny Barriger
Simply Local

Spend your time on what you love.

Your time is best spent creating content and growing your audience, not fussing with your website. Cardsetter is easy to use so you can focus on what matters most.

Custom design and setup included. Save time and launch a beautiful website you love.

Made with 💙 for creators of all kinds.

Our customers are growing their audience and their business with Cardsetter.

We'll build your website,
you have the power to grow it.

You're always in control of your website and its content. Cardsetter makes it easy and intuitive for you to add new pages, upload photos, embed videos, and more.

Cardsetter gives you the power to grow your website, and your business.

Designed just for you

Every plan includes custom design and setup. We'll create a design to compliment your brand and appeal to your audience. You decide when it's just right.

Easy to use

Cardsetter is easy and intuitive website software that lets you focus on creating great content. It's so intuitive anyone can use it, but powerful enough to grow with your website's needs.

Do more with your content

Cardsetter makes it easy to put your content to new use. Create new sections, content collections, and more to engage your audience.

Cardsetter enables a wide variety of content types and functionality.

  • Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Collections
  • Events
  • Directory Listings
  • Sponsored Content
  • Memberships & Paywall Content
  • E-Commerce Products

    Engage Your Audience

    Cardsetter features an intuitive mobile layout, similar to the social networks your audience is accustomed to. They'll engage and stay on your website longer.

    Don't take our word for it,
    listen to our customers.

    We help people just like you every day. Cardsetter customers are building their brand, getting found online, growing their business, and saving valuable time.

    “Cardsetter gives us the freedom to do more with our content. We can implement our ideas and monetize our website without relying on a developer.” Jenny Barriger
    Simply Family Magazine
    “I suck at technology, couldn't figure out Squarespace, ended up paying $400/month for a website that was lame, but then I switched to Cardsetter. It is so easy to update, I just went in and added a blog, new services, switched around the layout, in less than 15 minutes.” Marriah Cummins
    Girlhood Cultivated
    “It's just so easy! Our website easily adapts to our priorities.” Katie & Bekhi Spkia
    Hidden Montana
    “The price is on point, the support is spectacular and the website is beautiful. And for someone that can't work his way around a calculator, I finally have a website that I can edit without the need of a PhD in coding!” Jeff Ewelt

    Getting started is easy.

    It's a streamlined three-step process that starts with discovering your website's goals and requirements. We'll help you organize your thoughts, your content, and your media assets so you can get online fast with a website you love.

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    Book a Demo

    We'll go over all of Cardsetter's features and learn more about your specific needs. We're happy to answer all of your questions so you can be sure Cardsetter is right for you.


    Design and Setup

    Ready to start your site? Our in-house design experts will get to work on a custom design for your website. We'll also configure and install any integrations your website will need to meet your business objectives.



    Once you're happy with the design and all your integrations are configured, your website is ready for launch! We'll handle all the domain and DNS configuration to get your website online.

    What's included?

    We know your time is valuable. So we're here to help.

    Design and initial setup.

    Every Cardsetter website includes initial design and setup, along with many other services.

    • Custom design just for you built in-house by expert designers.
    • Initial website and content strategy consultation.
    • We'll import any existing content, images, and videos you have.
    • Ad server integration.
    • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration and setup.
    • E-commerce integrations.
    • Membership platform integrations for paywalled content.
    • Social media integrations.
    • Email, chat, and phone support by real people based in the U.S.

    We know that everyone has unique website goals and requirements. We'll work directly with you to develop a website solution that meets your needs.

    Every month.

    Cardsetter is a subscription based service, so each and every month you have full access to the following features and services.

    • Full access to your own website to make changes any time.
    • Sponsored content features built-in.
    • Website hosting to keep your site up and online.
    • SSL certificate for security and better search engine rankings.
    • Unlimited bandwidth.
    • Unlimited storage.
    • Unlimited visitors and page views.
    • Email, chat, and phone support by real people based in the U.S.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    Cardsetter website plans begin at $49 per month which includes a custom website design, initial setup, website hosting, an SSL certificate, phone support, and more. See the What's Included? section for more information.

    Can I cancel any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. There are no contracts to use Cardsetter.

    What happens to my site if I cancel?

    We'll send you an export of all your site's data so you can take it someplace else, if you'd like. No hard feelings :)

    What happens if I don't like the initial design?

    We'll re-work it! Initial designs include two rounds of revisions which is more than sufficient. Our expert designers work with each of our customers to create a unique design you'll love.

    Are Cardsetter websites secure?

    Yes. Every Cardsetter website includes free SSL encryption and enterprise level website security. Cardsetter uses industry best practices for authorization and authentication to ensure only administrators have access to change your website.

    Is my data safe?

    Yes. Cardsetter runs on the same infrastructure that powers Google. It's highly redundant and your data is continuously backed-up for disaster recovery.

    Does Cardsetter handle SEO?

    Cardsetter has many great SEO features built-in, including: automatic title and metadata description tags for Google and all major social media networks, image alt text and "cover" photo support, blazing fast page delivery via in-memory caches, automatic sitemap and robots.txt support.

    What integrations does Cardsetter support?

    Cardsetter easily integrates with any third party service provider that offers an "script" or "iframed" embeddable service. Very commonly we integrate with form, payment, membership, and e-commerce providers. If you have a question about a specific integration, please send us an email and we'll be happy to confirm that we can support it.

    What kind of changes can I request?

    During design and setup you can request any changes you'd like! Our designers will do their absolute best to meet your needs. After your site goes live you can change and update your site on your own, or request a change through our design team. Your subscription includes two change requests per month.

    What is a change request?

    Change requests include things like updating a photo, adding a new page, changing a menu item, updating text, embedding a video, etc. Your subscription includes two change requests each month. Remember, you always have the ability to update your website on your own! Unlike many other custom website platforms, don't need our help to update your website.

    What kind of support do you offer?

    Your subscription includes email, chat, and telephone support by real people based in the United States. We also provided video chat and screen sharing support! There's no time limit.

    Do you have some example sites?

    Yes! See our Featured Sites section. If you're looking for an example of a specific type of website, send us an email and we'll send you some examples.

    I already have a website. Can you move the content?

    Absolutely. We do this all the time. Our initial design and setup includes data migration from your existing site.

    Have other questions? Let us know! We'd love to answer them. Chat with us on this page (chat button in lower right corner) or send us an email: