You're in Control of Your Content

When you publish on Cardsetter, you get to decide when, where, and how your content is arranged and re-arrange it as the need arises.

Your content is flexible and modular so you can do what you need to do.

Place any piece of content, or group of content, anywhere you want, and with just a few clicks.

Highlight Content Series

Creating a series around a specific topic?

You can group all of the articles and videos within the series and display the group where it will get noticed.

Place Related Content at the End of Your Posts

Decide which related pages, articles, or videos you want to display at the end of your post to help your audience discover more relevant information.

Place your content Cards by individual selection or use a Feed at the end of the post to automatically populate articles that have the same tag. 

Arrange Entire Landing Pages of Like-Content

Pull together related articles, videos, places, and events, all on one page to create in-depth guides and resources for your audience.

Auto-populate sections on the page using Tags and Feeds. 

Place any piece of content anywhere you need to with just a few clicks.

Group ANY Content Type With One Another

  • Articles and Blogs
  • Videos
  • Event Listings
  • Places
  • Pages
  • Images

You can place any piece of content right next to each other, and in any order you determine, regardless of its format.

Create New Content by Grouping Existing Content

Make a quick "listicle" by creating a new page and adding a title and short introduction. Then, add cards that link to existing content on your site.

You've got a new piece of quality content in just a few minutes.

Bring Evergreen Content Back Into View When It's Relevant

Have an article from last summer that's still relevant this summer?

Bring it back to the homepage amongst other relevant info when the time is right.


Sponsored content features are built right in. Cards can link to external affiliate links too! Serving up banner ads? No problem. Cardsetter can integrate with your third-party ad server.

Get Started with a Demo!

Just Add Content. Publishing on Your Cardsetter Site is Simple.