Adding Events to Your Cardsetter Website

Events are on the way! We've rolled out the first phase of this feature with future improvements coming very soon.

At this time, you can add events and places to your website along with the pages that they link to. However, you cannot display the event data within the page just yet. We're working on feeds which are necessary for displaying events throughout your website.

If you'd like to get started on inputting event information, we suggest you do the following:

1. Input your Place(s) - where the events you list on your website typically occur.

  • Click on "Create" and then select "Place"
  • Input the place name and address
  • Note: Places can also be linked to any page. If you'd like to make pages for your locations, you can!

2. Create any pages that you know you'll link to specific events - these could be an event specific page, a location page, or any other Page that you'd want your viewer to land on when they click on the event listing (from a list of events or calendar on your site, for example).

  • Click on "Create" and then select "Page"
  • Build out your page using the available page blocks - you can add images, text, embed videos or maps using the code block, and more.

3. Input your events and link them to their respective Places (locations) and Pages. (Linking to pages or places is not required.)

  • Click on "Create" and then select "Event"
  • Input the event name, description, image, and all occurrences.
  • Link the Event (data) to the appropriate page and location.

This process will be simplified as we continue to develop Cardsetter, but we want to get the essential events functionality out to those of you who need it.

Feeds - A necessary piece for events and what we're working on now.

Feeds on Cardsetter allow you to dynamically populate sections or pages of content on your website. You'll be able to place a Feed on a page and have it set to "show the next 5 upcoming events tagged with 'running'," for example. Or, "show all upcoming events." (You'll be able to use feeds for any content on your Cardsetter website. More on that later.)

Feeds will allow us to create an "event list" block so that you can easily display all occurrences of an event on the page you link the event to.

Once feeds are in place, you'll be able to display your events as you like on your website, give them tags and categories for filtering and more. We're excited to be on to this major feature, one that makes Cardsetter much more powerful for our customers' websites.

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