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Ready for a new website? Whether you're building it yourself or working with a pro, getting organized is the key to your website's success!

Where should we send your website planner?

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The free website planner will help you:

  • Determine your feature and functionality needs
  • Define your ideal customer and key benefit statement
  • Organize your website content
  • Get organized so you can launch faster!

Why should you plan your website?

You know you need a website, but where should you start? Many people tend to begin by focusing on how their website will look or determining which platform they'll use. Others get caught up in the technical details of hosting, domain registrations, feature overload, and more. It's easy to get caught up looking at pretty web design templates or researching cool online tech tools for your project.

However, great websites begin with a plan. When you engage in website planning, you'll have a better framework for choosing the right look and finding the right platform for your needs. You'll design your website around the needs of your business and your customers rather than try to force your business into a specific template or website builder.

What's included in this free website planner?

Building your website doesn't have to be such a daunting task! Step one is to make your website plan. Your search for website answers is over! Our website planning workbook includes, a website planning template, website planning tools, and everything you need to plan your website like a pro!

Identify your feature and functionality needs with a simple features checklist. Compile images, brand assets, colors, and font preferences into one space to use them in your website's design. Create an ideal customer profile, write your compelling key benefit statement, and determine your website's primary call to action. Finally, plan out all of your website content. Use the worksheets in this guide to write your headlines and text, plan where you'll place your images, decide what to include on your about and contact pages, and more.

Once you complete the planner, you'll be able to create an effective website on your own or share your plan with a website designer or developer and ensure a smooth website project. Planning will help you choose the right platform, create a design that appeals to your potential customers, save time and money, and expedite your website launch.

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