How Did Campfire Go from Bold Podcast to Bold Coffee Company? ☕

Kelli Maxwell is a fiery, passionate entrepreneur. She's warm and inclusive; you want to be her friend, yet, she tells it like it is at all times.

The Campfire Hour Podcast began while Kelli and a group of friends, all local business owners, were hanging out, commiserating about "normal" business culture.

They wanted to shake things up and cultivate a business community free of the serious, boring, stodgy atmosphere that they'd experienced within the usual business networking circles. 

The friends started talking about doing a podcast to give a voice to young, bold entrepreneurs like themselves. Possessing a natural banter within their group, one of them quipped, "Let's roast people on the podcast and call it Campfire Hour, where the burns are hotter than your mom." Bold, edgy, (and shuttering political correctness) Campfire Hour would be a business podcast, unlike any other.

The group made an early decision to keep the show unfiltered. Guests would need to prepare to share freely and take a little razzing! Campfire Hour is not a show for polite, professional PR; it's a podcast where guests and hosts talk business like real people, covering the good, the bad, the ugly, and yes, the successes too.

Today, Campfire not only produces the podcast but monetizes by selling coffee blends online that are "hotter than your mom" and "smoother than your dad's aftershave." 

How did Campfire go from a bold podcast to a growing Coffee Company?

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