1. Open your website's menu. 

2.  Click on "Edit Menu."

3. Click on "Insert Item."

4. Hover over the "New Menu Item" and select the "Edit" icon.

5. Type in the text that you'd like to display in the menu and click the checkmark to save.

6. Hover over the text and select the "link" button to the right.

7. Select the content that you want linked to the menu item.

8. Click "Save."

Editing Your Menu

To change the order of your menu items:

1. Once logged in to your admin account, open your website's menu.

2. Click on "Edit Menu." 

3. Hover your mouse over the menu item you'd like to move.

4. When the move tool is visible simply click and hold down your mouse to drag and drop the menu item to the location where you'd like it to appear.

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