Curated is a newsletter platform that specializes in the curated content format. Creators collect and share valuable articles, podcasts, and videos from the web and package them into their newsletter. Many also provide key learnings and insight from the works. For its users, Curated streamlines this process. Curated's browser extension let's you capture content online quickly and att it to your next issue. Curated offers built-in features to help you manage sponsorships.

Curated Key Benefit

Newsletter creators focused on curation will find that Curated has a suite of features built just for them.

What You Can Do with Curated

  • Create and distribute curated newsletters.
  • Collect content from around the web to easily add to your Curated newsletter later.
  • Manage your sponsors from within the Curated platform.

Cardsetter Integration

Sign-up forms to your Curated newsletter can be embedded on any page on your Cardsetter website.

More Creator Tools

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