How to create a successful services page

Jessica Baldwin / Updated June 4, 2022

Hooray! Your website visitor is on your services page. They've made it beyond the homepage, and they're eager to learn more about what you do.

On your homepage, your visitor should have gotten an overview of who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and what makes you different from other companies. The reader should understand the key benefits they'll get from working with you.

Your services page should include your specific offerings and reinforce the key benefits you described on your homepage. It needs to explain what you do and assure your prospects that working with you will solve their problems or fulfill their needs. It's an important page that should help you generate leads and sales.

What to include on your website's services page

Your services page should strike a balance to be both informative and sales-driven. After exploring your offerings, you want the visitor to take the next step and become a lead or customer.


Tell your website visitors what you do! Break out your offerings into detailed outlines and descriptions. Try not to be too vague here. It can be tempting to use clever titles for your services, but it's better to keep it simple, so your reader quickly understands what you do. 

The amount of information required on the page and the layout varies from business to business. A list with short descriptions is sufficient for many companies because the audience is already knowledgeable about the service. A hairstylist can list "adult haircut" along with the price, and her audience understands exactly what that is, for example.

For other businesses, a title and longer description are necessary; the reader needs more information about the service offering. A health coach who offers a 6-week program needs to explain what's included, how it works, the benefits the participant will receive, and more.

You can also group various services into different packages. Display these packages with bulleted lists or a pricing table.

However you decide to layout the services page, you want your website visitor to read it and say, "Yes! This is the service that I need to solve my problem." 


A key benefit statement is a short, compelling explanation of what makes your service valuable to your potential customers. Once you've outlined your services on the page, tell the reader how those services will benefit them. Help them understand the results they can expect from working with you.


Testimonials describe your key benefits through the words of your existing clients. Reading positive experiences with real people helps build trust with your website audience. Consider adding client testimonials to your services page so your readers can see how your offerings have already helped others.

Call to action

Once your website visitor has reviewed your specific service offerings, they may be ready to move forward. Include a call to action on the page so they can take the first step to work with you. 

The call to action should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Include an image or button that tells the prospect what to do next. Your call to action may be to book an initial consultation, submit an inquiry form, contact you, or buy a service package. Learn more about defining your business's call to action.


If you find yourself answering the same questions about your services, consider adding a few frequently asked questions to the page or linking to your FAQs page.

How it works

Adding a "how it works" section can also be helpful for service-based organizations. Your reader may be wondering what happens after they contact you, book an initial consultation, or decide to start working with you. Let them know ahead of time what the process looks like so you can remove any confusion. They'll be more likely to move forward if they understand what happens next.

Examples of services pages

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a successful services page. Let's review a few examples.

Revive IV and Wellness

Revive IV and Wellness is a medical therapy spa with restorative IV treatments. The treatments page on its website outlines its services and provides pricing. 

What is Revive doing right? The services are well organized and easy to read through. Each treatment highlights the benefit. The breakdown of each treatment is highly informative and describes the effects of each ingredient.

Waterson Huth & Associates

Law firms need to take a more serious (and less sales-y) tone on their websites. It's crucial to appear highly professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Waterson Huth & Associates helps people with special needs and their families navigate guardianship, conservatorship, estate planning, and more. 

The law firm includes a page for each of its practice areas. Each page is highly informative and helps visitors understand the reasons for such legal arrangements and what's involved in setting one up. It also assures the reader that Waterson Huth has vast experience and expertise with such matters.

Cultural Finesse

Cultural Finesse helps companies unlock international business opportunities. It offers consulting services and education to help individuals and companies communicate across continents and cultures. 

Rather than including a singular "services" page, it breaks its services out onto separate pages, including "coaching" and "education and training." 

The coaching page does a great job of:

  • Explaining the benefits of working with Cultural Finesse
  • Outlining business situations where the consultant can help
  • Building trust with a testimonial
  • Highlight the call to action

Quality Property Management

Quality Property Management helps property owners maintain their properties while generating rental income. Its website's services page explains why a property owner may want to hire a management company.

This services page educates, informs, and sells. It lists out the specific operational functions handled by Quality Property Management. It includes a testimonial. The page ends with why a property owner should choose Quality Property Management over others. The call to action button is present on every website page, including the services page.

Create a successful services page on your website

Your services page plays a crucial role in converting your website visitors into leads and clients.

It needs to:

  • Detail the services you provide
  • Reiterate the benefits your clients will receive
  • Build trust with the reader
  • Encourage your website visitor to move forward with the primary call to action

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