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Do these 4 things first, even before your website is online!

Jessica Baldwin / Updated February 27, 2023

Timing is everything when starting your business or beginning a new project – like creating a new website.

There's a period of time where you know you need a website for your new venture, but you haven't started just yet. Perhaps you're at the beginning planning stages.

You're ready to move things along, but your website won't be launching today (or maybe anytime soon).

Fortunately, you can take a few simple actions now to help get your business online!

Check these essential to-dos off your list to begin growing your online presence today.

1. Claim Your Google My Business Listing

If your business serves local customers, claiming your Google My Business (GMB) listing is essential. When people search for your product or service in your area, Google often serves map listings first (generated from GMB listings). Not only that, but your Google My Business listing is a great place to collect reviews!

Here's a comprehensive guide on setting up your Google My Business Listing (source: SEMRush).

2. Set Up Your Social Media Pages

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn...the list of social media platforms goes on and on! But, you don't have to be everywhere. Think about your ideal customer. Where do they hang out online? Prioritize those social media channels and start posting!

Here is a quick start guide to setting up social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (source: The Manifest).

3. Register Your Domain and Get a Professional Email Address

Your domain (the .com, .org, or other ".ending" address for your website) is an essential asset for your business. Once you've settled on your business name, it's a good idea to register your domain. We recommend Google Domains for domain registration.

You can search for and register your domain here.

Once you've registered a domain with Google Domains, you can sign up for Google Workspace to get a professional email set up (for as little as $6/mo). Google Workspace provides you with an email at your domain; you also get cloud storage for your files and access to Google's suite of business software.

Here is an overview of how to create your professional email via a Google Workspace account. The process is relatively simple if your domain is registered at Google. If your domain is registered elsewhere, then the process can be a bit more complex. Fiverr is one place where you can find affordable help to take care of your email setup

4. Make Your Website Plan

Creating a plan for your website is the first step to online success! Need a refresher on the website planning process? (Re)Watch Cardsetter's webinar, "Plan Your Website for Online Success," and download the website planning workbook!

Get your free website planner.

Getting organized is the first step to website success.

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